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Dental Exams & Cleanings Parker CO

Although brushing your teeth at home is important, it is simply impossible to clean your teeth completely because tartar and plaque can exist in hard-to-reach spaces such as below your gum line. For this reason, Dr. Rentz will recommend that you come in every six months for a cleaning. Not only will this help to remove tartar, but it will also help whiten your teeth by removing stains. As part of the routine, we may also recommend having x-rays completed to check for cavities that may need to be treated during a further appointment. During your teeth cleaning in Parker, you will also have an opportunity to ask about tips for improving your oral hygiene such as how to floss more effectively.

Complete Dental Exams in Parker CO

Dr. Rentz is aware of the anxiety people may have about opening their mouths wide and take great care to keep you comfortable, yet a dental exam is essential since it reveals vital information about your teeth and general health. This is because problems such as gum disease and oral cancer impact your longevity. Having these types of issues diagnosed early can help you live a longer life, so be sure to schedule your dental exams with the same vigilance as you would your annual physical.

During your dental exam, Dr. Rentz will assess your teeth, gums and the soft tissues in your mouth. This visual exam allows them to diagnose and treat common ailments such as tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth-root decay. They may also notice issues such as enamel erosion and TMJ that can be treated before they cause further damage or discomfort. During your examinations and cleanings in the most comfortable dental clinic in Parker CO, he can talk to your kids about proper tooth brushing and flossing habits.

Staying on top of your oral health should always involve professional cleanings and exams that prevent and treat common dental problems. Schedule your appointment today so that your entire family can preserve those beautiful smiles!

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"My husband and I have been going to Stonegate dental for several years now. Dr. Rentz and his staff are excellent. I have been afraid of the dentist my whole life, so I never thought I’d like one, but Dr Rentz puts me at ease. I still have major anxiety about getting any dental work other than cleanings but at this office they explain everything before they do it, they stop if I need a break, and they are compassionate about my anxieties. I hope I never have to find another dentist!"

Bryanna M.

"I felt at home from the moment I walked in. I was greeted upon arrival by Deb. - i waited for about 5 mins before seeing Wendy, she took x-rays and coached me through a little of what to expect. Then came Dr. Rentz, he took a peak and gave me his professional opinion regarding the work I needed done and made recommendations, high priority to least. - Stacy and Deb worked through aquiring my gum measurements etc. and before I knew it the team had presented me with a full action plan, completely itemized in a way that was easy to understand. - Dr.Rentz and the Stonegate team provided me with truly exceptional service/care. Thanks everyone. :)"

Kadeem A.

"Always very welcoming and friendly staff. Thorough cleanings and helpful suggestions. I'm picky with dentists and would definitely recommend Stonegate Dental Care!"

Nicole A.

"Amazing office, great staff, and I felt very comfortable the entire time! Very quick too! Definitely my first choice dentist!"

Kristina B.

"Stonegate Dental Care is fantastic. The entire staff is friendly, informative, and efficient. Nice facility with TVs and music. I highly recommend."

Garry M.