October 2017

Steps To Fresher Breath

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Are you worried about what could be causing your chronic bad breath? You’ve probably determined by now that it’s more than a temporary episode brought on by something you have eaten so the next step is to find the real source of the problem. Halitosis is often the odor from bacteria that has been left

Are You Hesitant To Smile?

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Some recent studies have shown that a good percentage of the adult population of this country aren’t happy with the smile that they see in the mirror every day. That is somewhat surprising considering the wide range of cosmetic dental procedures that are commonly available today. Dental inlays and onlays are used to restore teeth

Healthy Choices

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How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop? If you care at all about your teeth you won’t try to find out. Sucking on a hard piece of candy for any length of time exposes your teeth to way too much sugar and then when you get

September 2017

Find The Right Dental Product

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A toothbrush whether it be electric or manual does not come one size fits all. Some are labeled “adult” and “child” but that doesn’t necessarily apply in every case. It’s important to find a toothbrush that fits your mouth and is comfortable to use, whatever the product label says. People with a debilitating physical condition

Find Pertinent Information

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What do you look for in your search for a family dentist? Research has shown that a lot of us rely on internet websites to find the information that we can use to determine which dental practice would be most appropriate for your particular needs. So what can these websites actually tell us? The first

Now There’s A Better Way

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Those of us who have gone through an uncomfortable experience in the dental chair is understandably hesitant to repeat it, but if it’s been some time since you’ve been to the dentist you are in for a pleasant surprise. Most practices now offer a variety of sedation dentistry options that can do away with any

Seize The Opportunity

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Soon after you’ve checked in with the receptionist at your dentist’s office you will be greeted warmly by the dental hygienist who will take you back for the usual preliminary procedures before you see the dentist. She’ll no doubt ask how you’ve been since your last visit, how your kids or grandkids are doing or

August 2017

What Are Your Odds?

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You may be all grown up but you are still at risk for cavities - tooth decay does not discriminate. Some of us are at even higher risk than others. So how can you tell if you are more susceptible? There are some discernible factors. Daily brushing and flossing is necessary if we want to

Some Symptoms Shouldn’t Be Ignored

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If you are diligent about following a home regimen for good oral health and if you make regular appointments for professional six month checkups and cleanings you have no doubt earned accolades from your dentist and hygienist.  No matter how dedicated you are however, an issue may arise that will need immediate professional attention, one