August 2017

Some Symptoms Shouldn’t Be Ignored

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If you are diligent about following a home regimen for good oral health and if you make regular appointments for professional six month checkups and cleanings you have no doubt earned accolades from your dentist and hygienist.  No matter how dedicated you are however, an issue may arise that will need immediate professional attention, one

July 2017

Patient Comfort Is An Important Concern

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A dental appointment isn’t something to necessarily look forward to but it shouldn’t be something to dread either. Thanks to the technology and advancements in the practice of modern dentistry patients can expect to be pain free and comfortable during most any dental procedure. There are however, some people who suffer dental anxiety to the

Do You Need Extra Protection?

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Pediatric dentists often recommend that their cavity prone patients - those between the ages of 6 and 14 - have sealants placed over their back teeth to keep harmful plaque and acids from getting in. Sealants aren’t just for kids any more, adults can also be at high risk for tooth decay. The process of

Have You Heard About CariVu?

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Most dentists order a full set of x-rays at three year intervals, more often for patients who are cavity prone. Sometimes however, a patient refuses to agree to have the x-rays taken. When this happens it creates an awkward situation for both patient and hygienist. The hygienist is just trying to do her job as

June 2017

Some Stains Can Be Reduced

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With teeth whitening becoming so much of a craze it may surprise you to learn that the shade of your natural teeth was never destined to be pure white.  Their natural color in fact, ranges from yellowish to light grey.  That being said, tooth enamel will darken with age and certain foods and drinks will

Making A Fresh Start

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Relocating can be a stressful process, there’s so much to do and it all needs to be done asap. Hopefully your family will be able to make the move in the summertime so that things can settle into place before the new school year starts. Going to a new school will mean that the kids