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We want to provide you with a solution to your dental needs! Whether you are seeking a routine dental cleaning or a convenient one-day crown, we offer a full range of dental services and can do most procedures in-house, which means less travel time for you! And best of all, you can expect pain-free dentistry at Stonegate Dental Care.

We understand that each patient has a unique dental goal and a unique comfort level. For this reason, we are committed to communicating with your every step of the way to answer any questions and thoroughly explain each procedure. When it comes to your dental health, we want to keep you in the loop. It is your smile after all!

If you require a dental service that we do not provide, we will not hesitate to let you know and Dr. Rentz would be happy to refer you to a trusted specialist in the area.

If you are anxious about dental visits, take comfort in knowing that we offer sedation dentistry. Dr. Rentz and staff will work with you to ensure that you always feel comfortable at Stonegate Dental care, regardless of which dental services you require.

Calm those nerves!

Here, we offer sedation dentistry, which can be used to calm your nerves prior to and/or during dental procedures. Our dental office in Parker, CO offers nitrous oxide as well as an oral sedation option. Nitrous oxide is inhaled through a mask as the patient is being treated. After the dental treatment is complete, the patient is given oxygen through the same mask and within a few minutes, the effects of the sedation are gone. An alternative option, oral sedation through the use of anti-anxiety medication. Dr. Rentz can prescribe anti-anxiety medication depending on your level of anxiety and your medical history.

Exams & Cleanings

Dental Fillings

One-Day Crowns

Root Canals

Scaling & Root Planing

Dental Sealants

Digital X-Rays

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Family Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry


Dental Implants


Biolase Laser Treatment

Periodontal Diseases

See What Our Patients Are Saying

"My husband and I have been going to Stonegate dental for several years now. Dr. Rentz and his staff are excellent. I have been afraid of the dentist my whole life, so I never thought I’d like one, but Dr Rentz puts me at ease. I still have major anxiety about getting any dental work other than cleanings but at this office they explain everything before they do it, they stop if I need a break, and they are compassionate about my anxieties. I hope I never have to find another dentist!"

Bryanna M.

"I felt at home from the moment I walked in. I was greeted upon arrival by Deb. - i waited for about 5 mins before seeing Wendy, she took x-rays and coached me through a little of what to expect. Then came Dr. Rentz, he took a peak and gave me his professional opinion regarding the work I needed done and made recommendations, high priority to least. - Stacy and Deb worked through aquiring my gum measurements etc. and before I knew it the team had presented me with a full action plan, completely itemized in a way that was easy to understand. - Dr.Rentz and the Stonegate team provided me with truly exceptional service/care. Thanks everyone. :)"

Kadeem A.

"Always very welcoming and friendly staff. Thorough cleanings and helpful suggestions. I'm picky with dentists and would definitely recommend Stonegate Dental Care!"

Nicole A.

"Amazing office, great staff, and I felt very comfortable the entire time! Very quick too! Definitely my first choice dentist!"

Kristina B.

"Stonegate Dental Care is fantastic. The entire staff is friendly, informative, and efficient. Nice facility with TVs and music. I highly recommend."

Garry M.