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Dr. Devin Rentz is a dentist in Colorado who cares about his patients’ needs. He and his dedicated and caring staff offer a variety of dental services including dental fillings in Parker.

Dental Fillings in ParkerDental fillings are required to fill a tooth space that has been drilled out due to decay. Tooth decay, the most common non-communicable disease, is caused by bacteria from food residue entering the tooth’s surface. Bacteria from the mouth enters the tooth and begins eating away at the enamel of the tooth’s surface. Also, known as dental cavities or dental caries, they can cause pain and loss of a tooth if not treated. In Colorado, Dr. Rentz treats cavities with fillings made from a few types of materials depending on the patient’s preference and size of the cavity.

The material can be made from metal, such as gold or silver and are quite durable. However, more commonly today, fillings in Parker as well as in other dental practices, are made of porcelain. This tooth colored filling blends in perfectly with the rest of the tooth and are undetectable by anyone except a dentist. Fillings need to be replaced every 5-10 years as a rule simply because of wear and tear. The jaw’s force is quite strong and fillings tend to wear out or crack over time.

Most people prefer porcelain fillings because they blend in nicely when the mouth is open when laughing or eating. They’re not quite as durable as metal ones, but they are an improvement cosmetically. The decayed portion of the tooth is drilled out with a high-power, high-speed dental drill and the resulting hole is cleaned thoroughly. At that point, the cavity is filled with a tooth-colored, fast drying filler. Sedation is almost never needed but Novocain, a local anesthetic and be injected to reduce discomfort. If the cavity was large or in a particularly tender spot, Dr. Rentz offers sedation. If a patient is particularly nervous about a getting a filling, usually due to a past negative experience at a dentist, Dr. Rentz can prescribe an anti-anxiety medication to relax the patient.

Fillings can be required if a tooth becomes cracked while biting on a hard piece of food or another minor trauma. As with a dental cavity, the damaged part of the tooth is carefully drilled away and a filling is put in its place.

Dr. Rentz and his friendly compassionate team can help patients decide on the best fillings for their needs and budgets. Contact us for an appointment today!

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