Sealants in Parker

Sealants in ParkerSealants are used to cover the back teeth, molars and some of the front teeth in a thin coat of plastic which protects these teeth from the potentially damaging effects of bacteria and acids. Even the best toothbrushes may have trouble efficiently cleaning these teeth, and lingering bacteria and acids are the primary cause of tooth decay.

The teeth have grooves and spaces on the surfaces called fissures and cingulum pits. These spaces are most vulnerable to tooth decay because food particles can get stuck between the teeth. Since a toothbrush has a hard time reaching the area, tooth decay can occur.

A fluoride is an efficient tool for preventing tooth decay and protecting the surface of these teeth. However, when a dental sealant is applied to the chewing surface of the teeth, the pits and grooves are efficiently sealed and protected from lingering germs or food particles.

Sealants are a simple, minimally invasive procedure that can protect and defend your teeth for 5-10 years. The procedure does not involve any drilling or filing and can be done quickly. Sealants do not take the place of regular fluoride use but instead will work with the fluoride to keep the surface of back teeth cavity free. Sealants are typically found in children that are at a higher risk for tooth decay.

Most insurance companies consider sealants a preventative treatment and cover them at 100% up to age 14.

Please contact Dr. Rentz with any further questions receiving sealants in Parker and how they can help preserve your teeth.

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