Parker Dentist Named ‘Best in Town’ by Parker Magazine Makes Dental Services More Affordable

Stonegate Dental Care / Parker, CO – A Parker dentist, named as the ‘best in town’ by local Parker Magazine, has announced that it will be making dental services more affordable through its in-house ‘Smile Plan’.

Stonegate Dental Care has been servicing the Parker area of Colorado for several years. In that time, Dr. Rentz, Dr. Jauregui, and their team of staff built up a successful dental office. This was enough to earn the dentist the honor of ‘Best in Town’ in Parker Magazine.

As part of its commitment to the residents of Parker and their oral health, the Parker dentist has announced that it will now offer an in-house Smile Plan. For $340 per year for adults and $180 per year for children, patients can benefit from the following:

  • 2 x Comprehensive dental examinations per year. This will ensure that any oral health issues that may be present are identified quickly, saving money when it comes to treatment.
  • 2 x Dental cleanings per year. This helps to remove any built-up calculus on the teeth, preventing future health issues, making the teeth look more presentable, and clearing up bad breath.
  • 2 x digital x-rays. This helps to identify any oral health issues. The Parker dentist has multiple X-ray options and will always choose the best option for the patient.
  • 2 x Fluoride treatments. This helps to strengthen the teeth.
  • 20% of all treatments are carried out at the Parker dentist. This includes fillings, tooth removal, veneers, dentures, root canals, implants, oral surgery, and nitrous oxide.

The intention of the Smile Plan for the Parker dentist is to make dental treatments more affordable for the uninsured.

Those who wish to make use of the Smile plan will need to pay the cost of the plan upfront. A year can be paid for at a time. Once enrolled in the Smile Plan, patients can benefit from the 20% discount right away.

Patients can visit Stonegate Dental Care in person to sign up for the Smile Plan. Alternatively, patients can contact the business at 720-851-7069.

About Stonegate Dental Care

Stonegate Dental Care is a top Parker dentist. They have previously been named as the number 1 dentist in Parker by local Parker Magazine. This achievement was received as a result of Stonegate Dental Care’s commitment to offering affordable dental care services, with a high level of patient satisfaction.

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