High Tech Is Here

If your dentist has converted over to digital radiology you will come to appreciate the technology the next time you are due for a complete set of x-rays. Dentists like to upgrade records with new x-ray imagery every so often depending on the patient’s history. This way he can monitor any changes that could indicate a need for additional therapy or see signs of improvement as a result of the current treatment plan. Thanks to the innovation of digital technology you will now be able to see the x-ray pictures at the same time your dentist does, no more having to make another appointment to discuss the outcome.

Regardless of safety measures like the lead apron many patients still worry about the amount of radiation they may be exposed to from a series of dental x-rays. Digital technology requires significantly less radiation to produce the same results as traditional film, saving the patient any anxiety about overexposure.

The various techniques associated with processing digital images gives the dentist more options to enhance the picture for a clearer view resulting in an earlier diagnosis and more successful treatment.

Digital images are able to be stored on a computer system making them easier to transfer to another computer if necessary, a big improvement over having to package up and send x-ray films through messenger or mail.

Stonegate Dental Care offers patients the technological advancements of the intraoral camera as well as digital radiography. Call Stonegate today @ 720-851-7069 in Parker, CO.

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Take Advantage Of The Latest Technology

What if you could walk into a dentist’s office with a severely damaged tooth and in a couple of hours come out with a complete restoration and maybe a whole new smile. The technological innovation of the same day dental crown can make that possible.

The process begins just like the traditional option. The dentist will scan the area taking pictures and measuring every angle to assure a proper fit. Next, he will numb the area with a local anesthetic and drill to remove the decay and shape the tooth in readiness for the crown. At this point, you will be able to watch t.v., read a book or even take a little nap while your permanent crown is being made right there in the office laboratory. No impressions are necessary, no temporary crown and no need to arrange for a second appointment to complete the process.

Once your permanent crown is ready your dentist will check that the color and fit is correct, make any appropriate adjustments and seal it into place. A final x-ray will be taken and stored for future reference. There are no specific post-procedure care instructions or dietary restrictions, just that you continue brushing and flossing as usual and stick to a schedule of regular professional checkups and cleanings.

Call Stonegate Dental Associates today @ 720-851-7069 to consult with Dr. Rentz about how a same day dental crown could benefit you.

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Come Prepared

It’s important to take the time to get ready for your dental appointment. Get plenty of sleep the night before and wear comfortable clothing to the visit. Being relaxed will make you more receptive to the treatment, but it’s also good to be ready with any questions or concerns that you want to discuss with your dentist.

Lying flat in the dentist’s chair can put you at a disadvantage for communication. It’s best to wait until the exam or procedure is over to have the conversation. Start by offering any updates to your dental record concerning contact information and changes in medications. It’s a good idea to have a legible transcript of your prescription dosages with you at all times.

Digital x-rays provide the opportunity of being able to see the images of your teeth and gums at the same time your dentist does. This imagery makes it easier for your dentist to explain any issues that may have been discovered and what kind of plan for restoration he has in mind. This is the time to pose your questions.

What about the cost of the procedure that your dentist proposes? Ask what insurance plans he accepts and if there are in-house discounts that may apply. How long will the procedure take, will you need to set aside the entire day? Bring a list of the questions you intend to ask.

The services offered at Stonegate Dental Associates are extensive whether your needs are general or cosmetic. Call Stonegate today @ 720-851-7069 in Parker, CO.

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Eat For The Good Of Your Teeth

What we eat has a direct effect on the maintenance of our oral health. If we want our teeth to last a lifetime we have to sustain them by brushing and flossing at home and seeing a dentist and hygienist for professional care but don’t underestimate the importance of a healthy diet.

Our teeth need a strong dose of calcium, protein, vitamin D, and vitamin C in order to retain the strength to be able to aid in digestion, allow us to speak clearly and to maintain our facial structure.

Foods rich in protein help to rebuild and strengthen tissue that has begun to deteriorate. Protein also helps to balance the Ph factor to reduce the amount of oral bacteria. Meat, beans and leafy greens are good sources of protein.

Calcium is well known for its capacity to strengthen bones and teeth. By adding a glass of milk or slice of cheese to our daily diet we can help to preserve our tooth enamel. People who have a hard time tolerating dairy can substitute with soy milk.

Fluoride prevents cavities and it easy to come by. We find it in most of the toothpaste and mouthwashes on the market today and in community drinking water supplies across the country.

The combination of a healthy diet and regular professional care can help to ensure years of good oral health. Start by calling Stonegate Dental Care @ 720-851-7069 in Parker, CO.

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Read The Label Before You Choose

Before you run out and buy one of those over the counter tooth whitening kits make an appointment with your dentist. There are many options to consider and he can do an evaluation to determine just which system would work best for you. Not everyone is a candidate, people who experience significant sensitivity when their teeth are exposed to heat or cold should not whiten, the bleaching solution could cause even more discomfort.

Some mouthwashes claim to contain the ingredients needed to whiten your teeth. They seldom do, but the alcohol in the formula could harm your mouth. Unless a dental product carries the Seal of Approval handed out by the American Dental Association it has not been tested in their laboratories.

More is not always better. Whitening strips are very popular and can be effective if you follow the instructions. If the sheet says to leave the strips on for a certain amount of time don’t think that wearing them a little longer can only result in even better results. Leaving them on too long can increase tooth sensitivity and cause splotching.

Store-bought whitening kits come with one size fits all trays but since all mouths are shaped differently the trays will not work well for everyone. Ill-fitting trays will mean uneven whitening.

Talk to Dr. Rentz of Stonegate Dental Care in Parker, CO about the whitening options offered there. Call today @ 720-851-7069.

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A Complete History Is Essential

You may wonder why your dentist’s office requires updates to your record every so often, you may even find it annoying having to fill out new forms or make changes to existing ones. Actually, it’s all for your benefit.

Dental records include a history of all the procedures that you have undergone, diagnoses that have been made and treatments that have been recommended. Your record also lists any medications that you have been taking along with dosages and any changes that may have been made. Your dentist needs this information in order to avoid the possibility of a harmful drug interaction.

X-rays are taken at necessary intervals. Results and images are kept for future reference. Even though dental records are officially the property of the dentist most offices are very accommodating when it comes to sending copies of x-ray images or pertinent information to another practice for patient convenience in case of relocation. Computer technology has made these transfers faster and easier than ever to provide.

Many dental treatments depend on the patient’s history. In order to determine the proper procedure, your dentist will need to know about any allergies or past reactions to certain anesthetics or medications whether over the counter or prescription. If you have been treated for dental anxiety issues the type of therapy that worked for you should be noted as part of your record.

Explore the services offered by Stonegate Dental Care on the website, www.stonegatedentalcare.com. Call for your appointment today @ 720-851-7069.

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