Soon after you’ve checked in with the receptionist at your dentist’s office you will be greeted warmly by the dental hygienist who will take you back for the usual preliminary procedures before you see the dentist. She’ll no doubt ask how you’ve been since your last visit, how your kids or grandkids are doing or if you have any vacation plans coming up. This kind of chit chat is meant to put you at ease and take your mind off any misgivings that you may have. Why not take advantage of this time together to get her perspective on some new over the counter product you may have heard about or ask her advice on the latest whitening system to come on the market?

You will probably spend more time with your hygienist than with your dentist and without the distraction of the sound of the drill or the effects of the anesthetic or sedation therapy. Once she has finished with x-rays and the cleaning there is usually a brief wait before the dentist appears. This is the best opportunity to voice your concerns to the hygienist so that she can make the dentist aware beforehand. You don’t want to wait until after the procedure when your dentist is already thinking about the patient waiting in the next room.

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