What if you could walk into a dentist’s office with a severely damaged tooth and in a couple of hours come out with a complete restoration and maybe a whole new smile. The technological innovation of the same day dental crown can make that possible.

The process begins just like the traditional option. The dentist will scan the area taking pictures and measuring every angle to assure a proper fit. Next, he will numb the area with a local anesthetic and drill to remove the decay and shape the tooth in readiness for the crown. At this point, you will be able to watch t.v., read a book or even take a little nap while your permanent crown is being made right there in the office laboratory. No impressions are necessary, no temporary crown and no need to arrange for a second appointment to complete the process.

Once your permanent crown is ready your dentist will check that the color and fit is correct, make any appropriate adjustments and seal it into place. A final x-ray will be taken and stored for future reference. There are no specific post-procedure care instructions or dietary restrictions, just that you continue brushing and flossing as usual and stick to a schedule of regular professional checkups and cleanings.

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