When you’ve been sleeping for hours your body needs a little punch to rejuvenate.   Drinking a glass of cool water first thing in the morning will get your metabolism going and stimulate your salivary glands.   Saliva is said to be nature’s cavity fighter because it washes away food debris and harmful bacteria.  The liquids that we drink throughout the day help to sustain the flow of saliva but when we are asleep it tends to lessen.  The bacteria that causes bad breath thrives in a dry mouth but a tall glass of water in the a.m. will help to get things back to normal.

The water that you drink not only works to keep your body hydrated but it can also prevent your teeth from being stained.  When you eat or drink something that you know may stain your teeth follow up with a healthy dose of water.  The same goes for the acidic foods and drinks that you consume.  The acid content will eat away at your tooth enamel so the faster you can rinse it away, the better.  

The fluoride content of your drinking water is most important in the fight against tooth decay.  Along with that and a regimen of good oral health habits and regular professional care you and your family members will be off to a good start in the prevention of dental diseases.

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