There are ways to make flossing easier but there is no acceptable way to replace it as part of a healthy routine for oral care. Mouthwash for instance, may leave you with a fresher feeling and the antibacterial type can remove daily plaque buildup, but only from the surface of the teeth. Dental floss on the other hand, lets you get in between the teeth to reach any bacterial plaque that may be hiding there.

It’s not how often you floss that’s so important but how thoroughly you do it. Some people use dental floss like they would a toothpick to remove the occasional food fragment that gets stuck between their teeth. That’s ok but it shouldn’t take the place of a complete regimen. Set aside an adequate amount of time each day to devote to the care of your teeth and gums.

Flossing is meant to remove plaque from between your teeth not your gum tissue. In fact, dental floss can irritate the gums. Always remember to floss gently moving upwards from the gum-line and between the teeth.

Don’t scrimp on the floss. Your string should be long enough to wrap snugly around the two fingers that you will use to guide the floss and release it from one finger to the other as you go along. Once you start to floss regularly you’ll get to know just how much string you will need.

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