If your dentist has converted over to digital radiology you will come to appreciate the technology the next time you are due for a complete set of x-rays. Dentists like to upgrade records with new x-ray imagery every so often depending on the patient’s history. This way he can monitor any changes that could indicate a need for additional therapy or see signs of improvement as a result of the current treatment plan. Thanks to the innovation of digital technology you will now be able to see the x-ray pictures at the same time your dentist does, no more having to make another appointment to discuss the outcome.

Regardless of safety measures like the lead apron many patients still worry about the amount of radiation they may be exposed to from a series of dental x-rays. Digital technology requires significantly less radiation to produce the same results as traditional film, saving the patient any anxiety about overexposure.

The various techniques associated with processing digital images gives the dentist more options to enhance the picture for a clearer view resulting in an earlier diagnosis and more successful treatment.

Digital images are able to be stored on a computer system making them easier to transfer to another computer if necessary, a big improvement over having to package up and send x-ray films through messenger or mail.

Stonegate Dental Care offers patients the technological advancements of the intraoral camera as well as digital radiography. Call Stonegate today @ 720-851-7069 in Parker, CO.

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