You may wonder why your dentist’s office requires updates to your record every so often, you may even find it annoying having to fill out new forms or make changes to existing ones. Actually, it’s all for your benefit.

Dental records include a history of all the procedures that you have undergone, diagnoses that have been made and treatments that have been recommended. Your record also lists any medications that you have been taking along with dosages and any changes that may have been made. Your dentist needs this information in order to avoid the possibility of a harmful drug interaction.

X-rays are taken at necessary intervals. Results and images are kept for future reference. Even though dental records are officially the property of the dentist most offices are very accommodating when it comes to sending copies of x-ray images or pertinent information to another practice for patient convenience in case of relocation. Computer technology has made these transfers faster and easier than ever to provide.

Many dental treatments depend on the patient’s history. In order to determine the proper procedure, your dentist will need to know about any allergies or past reactions to certain anesthetics or medications whether over the counter or prescription. If you have been treated for dental anxiety issues the type of therapy that worked for you should be noted as part of your record.

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