Do you have plaque buildup?  Dental plaque is the result of the sugar or starch from the foods that you eat mixing with the harmful bacteria that thrives in the oral cavity.   It is a sticky substance that tends to stay on the teeth once it forms.  Even though everyday plaque can’t be completely avoided it can be controlled with regular brushing and professional cleanings.  Brush at least twice a day and more often if you indulge in a particularly sugary or starchy treat.  The longer that plaque is left to cling to the teeth the higher the risk for decay, making it especially important to brush before going to bed at night.

Cavity prevention is just one reason to have your teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist on a regular basis.  It should be a part of your six month checkup to monitor your oral health and detect the beginnings of gum disease as well as any other complications that may arise between visits.

Many of the foods and drinks that we all enjoy are known to stain our teeth but by having our teeth cleaned regularly the staining will be less intense and easier to remove.

Regular exams and cleanings can prevent the need for future, more costly procedures.  The sooner a problem is diagnosed the better the success chances for a less intrusive treatment become.

Schedule your six month dental appointments at Stonegate Dental Care and ask your hygienist for tips to improve on your home care regimen.  Call 720-851-7069 today.

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