What do you look for in your search for a family dentist? Research has shown that a lot of us rely on internet websites to find the information that we can use to determine which dental practice would be most appropriate for your particular needs. So what can these websites actually tell us?

The first thing a potential client looks at is location. Family schedules can get pretty hectic and finding a dentist whose office is relatively close to home or school can eliminate our having to drive a long way or fight our way through crosstown traffic. If the dentist offers a wide range of family services under one roof, all the better.

If your kids are involved in school sports or if they are enrolled in a program of gymnastics or have other athletic interests they are more likely to suffer an injury. Most school programs have made mouthguards a part of required protective gear for players. There are over the counter products that are satisfactory but a professionally made custom fit mouthguard is much more comfortable to wear and offers ultimate protection.

Personal recommendations from current patients count for a lot. Research has shown that most visitors to a dental website will search the patient review page to see what others have to say about the friendliness of the office staff and the quality of professional care.

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