Most dentists order a full set of x-rays at three year intervals, more often for patients who are cavity prone. Sometimes however, a patient refuses to agree to have the x-rays taken. When this happens it creates an awkward situation for both patient and hygienist. The hygienist is just trying to do her job as instructed but at the same time there are legitimate reasons for patient concern.

Research and development has improved radiology techniques to the extent that the dosage of radiation from a full set of dental x-rays is so low that the risk is barely of consequence. Digital radiology has reduced it even more. Hearing these facts may assure a patient that the benefits of x-ray technology far outweigh the risks and he will give the go ahead. Other patients may not be so easily convinced.

Having x-rays taken can be uncomfortable or even painful for patients who have a smaller mouth or protruding bones. In some cases the film holder can be adjusted to fit the patient’s mouth but if all else fails one panoramic picture is better than none at all.

These issues may no longer be relevant with the introduction of the Dexis CariVu device that is now being implemented by Dr. Rentz and his team at Stonegate Dental Care in Parker. Visit the website to learn more about Dexis CariVu then call 720-851-7069 for your appointment.

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