Saliva is a natural deterrent for tooth decay and gum disease in that it helps to wash away harmful bacteria that comes from some of the foods that we eat.  If that didn’t happen the plaque and tartar buildup would begin to take a toll and could eventually lead to tooth loss.  You can help things along by staying hydrated, keep a nice cool glass of water on hand throughout the day.

When tooth enamel is weakened it will begin to deteriorate leaving the dentin and the pulp vulnerable to the invasion of tooth decay.  The sugars and acids in some fruit juices and all types of soda, including diet formula, attack the hard surface of the enamel which will break down over time, it is not indestructible.  Why take the unnecessary risk?  The next time you are offered a choice of beverage, make it water!

When you look at lists of foods that are good for your teeth or things that you can do to promote your oral health you will see that chewing sugarless gum and crunching down on a juicy apple is commonly recommended.  It’s good for you because the chewing process promotes the flow of your natural saliva.

Ask Dr. Rentz of Stonegate Dental Care about all the ways that plain old tap water is good for your dental health and how important it is to do everything possible in an effort to maintain it.  Make your appointment today, call 720-851-7069  

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