Digital x-rays have improved the dental experience significantly. No longer does the patient have to bite down on a bulky piece of plastic and hold it in position until the technician can snap the picture. Now a small computer sensor is placed in the patient’s mouth to pick up and transfer images of the areas to be examined. The process is much faster and the exposure to radiation is reduced by about 90%.

Traditional dental x-rays took time to develop but a digital sensor produces images instantaneously so that the patient can view results right along with the dentist. As the dentist points out any problem areas he will explain what is being seen and suggest a treatment plan. This way the patients can ask questions and discuss options making them feel that they’re a real part of the diagnostic process.

Still picture x-rays can only provide the dentist with one aspect of the image while digital technology allows for adjustments, the images can be seen from more angles. The dentist can zoom in for instance, to get a better look at what might seem like an area of concern.

The improvements in dental technology continue to advance. Stonegate Dental Care offers state of the art equipment and makes patient comfort a priority. The office is conveniently located on Lincoln Ave. in Parker, CO. Call 720-851-7069 to make an appointment.

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