Our teeth are vulnerable to decay from the sugary foods and drinks that we consume.  We need to be careful not to damage pre-existing dental work by biting down on a piece of hard candy or a chicken bone.  After years of day in and day out use our teeth may begin to discolor.  Too many dark fruits or too much coffee or red wine can cause staining.   These are only some of the endangerment’s that our teeth will be exposed to over time.   We need to know what we can do and what we should never do in order to maintain a healthy smile.  

Dental professionals will tell you that although drinking water instead of juice or soda is a healthy choice, ice cubes should only be use to keep our drinks cold, they are not meant to be chewed.  In fact biting down on a piece of ice is a real good way to break that new dental crown that your dentist just installed.

Dried fruits lack water content leaving them with an unadulterated level of sugar.  Because of its texture the fruit can easily get stuck between the teeth and linger there for hours, providing an open invitation to tooth decay.  The same kind of risk applies to the crunchy cheese or potato chips that so many of us enjoy.  Brush your teeth right after having a meal or a snack whenever possible.

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