You’re lucky if you’re able to eat or drink anything you want without experiencing tooth sensitivity.  A lot of people have to be careful about biting directly down on a chilled piece of fruit for instance, or sipping a cup of freshly brewed coffee.  What causes such severe sensitivity?

It is common to feel some increased sensitivity right after you have had your teeth whitened or if you’ve just come from having a tooth filled but that kind of sensitivity is only temporary and goes away in a short amount of time.  Chronic sensitivity however, is a different story.

Tooth enamel can weaken over time.  Overly aggressive brushing or using a hard bristle brush can increase the probability.  A long term diet of acidic foods/sugary drinks will eat away at tooth enamel and as its protective quality deteriorates teeth will react accordingly.  

Gum disease is a progressive condition that can be caused by a lack of proper dental care.  Your odds of having gum disease increase if there is a family history.  A major symptom of gum disease is the recession of the gum tissue away from the teeth.  When this happens the under layers of the teeth are more exposed  resulting in increased sensitivity.

Receding gums may sneak up on you.  If you notice that one or more of your teeth suddenly appear to be longer than usual it could be a sign of recession.  Your dentist can make that evaluation.

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