Relocating can be a stressful process, there’s so much to do and it all needs to be done asap. Hopefully your family will be able to make the move in the summertime so that things can settle into place before the new school year starts.

Going to a new school will mean that the kids will need physical and dental exams. Most dentists are really good about forwarding records and x-ray images along to a new location, which makes the transition a lot easier for you and for the office staff of your new dentist.

Having a file on hand will provide your new dentist with a point of reference. He can open it and see a complete history of every dental procedure you have had and how long ago you had it done. It will also make it easier to check to see how older fillings or crowns for instance, are holding up.

Even though a reference file is so useful your new dentist will no doubt want to perform his own exam and take a full set of new x-rays just to be as thorough as possible and to make sure no new issues have arisen since your last dental checkup.

Stonegate Dental Care welcomes new patients. The office is located for your convenience in the King Soopers Shopping Plaza in Parker. Visit the website @ or call the office @720-851-7069.

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