Even if your regular dental checkups are good you have to continue to put in the time and effort that it takes to maintain your good oral health. You can’t double up on your routine habits just before your appointment, it has to be a constant discipline. Although you may be able to fool your dentist or hygienist for a while eventually the lack of dedication to a healthy routine of home care will begin to show up in your dental exams. And besides, you are really only hurting yourself.

If you don’t brush every day, twice a day and floss at least once you are inviting the harmful bacteria that thrives within your mouth to multiply. When your body senses infection your natural immune system will kick into high gear in an effort to fight it off. If the immune system is constantly at work its capabilities can weaken and leave you more susceptible to disease.

Gum disease starts with bacterial growth and if it is not treated at the earliest stage it can progress and lead to the loss of teeth and the deterioration of the jawbone structure. Regular dental exams and cleanings can prevent this from happening.

See your dentist at regular six month intervals and be diligent about sticking to a healthy diet and a regimen of good home care habits. Call Stonegate Dental Care today @ 720-851-7069 in Parker, CO.

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