A dental appointment isn’t something to necessarily look forward to but it shouldn’t be something to dread either. Thanks to the technology and advancements in the practice of modern dentistry patients can expect to be pain free and comfortable during most any dental procedure. There are however, some people who suffer dental anxiety to the point of needing some kind of sedation therapy to calm their fears.

Nitrous oxide, aptly referred to as “laughing gas,” actually gives some patients the giggles along with a pleasurable feeling of euphoria. The gas combined with a certain amount of oxygen is breathed in through a mask placed over the patient’s nose and will start to take effect in about 5 minutes after inhaling. The dosage can be adjusted as needed throughout the treatment and the patient remains awake and fully able to communicate with the dentist.

Some people feel apprehension at the sound of the dental drill but with the convenience of the various listening devices available today they can bring their own tunes along to drown out any unpleasant noises.

Whatever the source of your anxiety there is more than likely a way to relieve it. The most important thing is that you be upfront with your dentist so that you can work together to make your experience more comfortable.

Patient comfort is a top priority at Stonegate Dental Care. Confer with Dr. Rentz about the possibilities of dental sedation. Call today @ 720-851-7069.

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