Before you run out and buy one of those over the counter tooth whitening kits make an appointment with your dentist. There are many options to consider and he can do an evaluation to determine just which system would work best for you. Not everyone is a candidate, people who experience significant sensitivity when their teeth are exposed to heat or cold should not whiten, the bleaching solution could cause even more discomfort.

Some mouthwashes claim to contain the ingredients needed to whiten your teeth. They seldom do, but the alcohol in the formula could harm your mouth. Unless a dental product carries the Seal of Approval handed out by the American Dental Association it has not been tested in their laboratories.

More is not always better. Whitening strips are very popular and can be effective if you follow the instructions. If the sheet says to leave the strips on for a certain amount of time don’t think that wearing them a little longer can only result in even better results. Leaving them on too long can increase tooth sensitivity and cause splotching.

Store-bought whitening kits come with one size fits all trays but since all mouths are shaped differently the trays will not work well for everyone. Ill-fitting trays will mean uneven whitening.

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