It’s not too unusual for your gums to bleed a little bit after brushing too hard or accidentally cutting into the sensitive tissue with a piece of dental floss, but it shouldn’t happen on a regular basis and for no apparent reason. Consistent bleeding could be a sign of impending gum disease but if it can be controlled while still in the early stage of gingivitis more serious consequences can be averted

The most common cause of tooth decay or gum disease is the demon plaque, a clear bacterial substance that sticks to the surface of the teeth. Since plaque is formed in part by the content of the food and drinks that we eat every day, particularly the sweet and starchy ones, it can’t be completely avoided. Fortunately however, there are things that we can do to control plaque buildup and keep gum disease from advancing into full blown periodontitis.

If you have always adhered to a strict routine of brushing and flossing in addition to keeping up a regular schedule for dental exams and professional cleanings there must be another culprit. Take a look at the tools that you are using to care for your teeth and gums. Make sure that your toothbrush has a soft bristle head, soft bristles are easier on your gums. Always use a fluoride toothpaste, fluoride is a known cavity fighter.

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