With teeth whitening becoming so much of a craze it may surprise you to learn that the shade of your natural teeth was never destined to be pure white.  Their natural color in fact, ranges from yellowish to light grey.  That being said, tooth enamel will darken with age and certain foods and drinks will cause it to stain, but there are precautions that you can take to reduce the risk.

Some stains are simpler to remove than others.  Yellowing is easier to deal with than the darker stains that are produced during childhood, when the teeth are still developing.  Brushing your teeth after every meal may not always be practical but most of us will be able to brush twice a day.  If you can only brush once however, do it at bedtime after your last snack of the day.  The longer your teeth are exposed to the plaque that forms from the foods that you have eaten the more they are at risk.

If you want your mouthwash to help rinse away staining agents use an antibacterial one.  The others are fine for freshening your breath or cleansing your mouth at the end of the day but only an antibacterial rinse can reduce stain causing plaque.

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