The foods and beverages that we consume as children have a great affect on the proper development of our primary teeth and the transition to our permanent ones.  Our first set of teeth often referred to as “baby teeth,” serve us well.  They help us to speak clearly, chew our food and they hold the space open until the permanent teeth are fully developed and ready to take their place.  Because they are so significant it is important to take good care of this first set of teeth so that they will last long enough to fulfill their purpose.  Diet is an essential part of a regimen to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

The fight against tooth decay and gum disease doesn’t end once the permanent teeth have emerged.  We have to continue to be diligent in the maintenance of our dental health if we want to keep a full set of healthy teeth for our lifetime.  What we eat and drink will make a difference in whether or not we achieve that goal.

A well balanced diet will contribute to our overall good health but there are some foods and drinks that are specifically good or bad for our teeth. Dental professionals routinely advise patients about the ill effects of a diet that includes a lot of starchy foods and carbonated beverages.

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