Laser technology has initiated changes in the way dentists treat many of the issues that their patients face today.  Root canal therapy for instance, used to involve a surgical procedure that required a certain amount of down time for recovery, but the laser makes things much easier for both dentist and  patient.  The treatment is not only less invasive but it is more effective.

The intense light from a laser beam can be used to remove tooth decay and prepare a tooth for restoration.  Laser treatment does away with bleeding gums and protects against damage to healthy enamel.

Laser treatment can whiten teeth in less time and is less likely to heighten tooth sensitivity in those patients who are more susceptible.

Cold sores are not pretty and they can be very painful.  The traditional treatment for this virus based intrusion has come in the form of a cream or ointment being applied to the surface of the inflammation.  A laser beam however, can reach to the root of the virus and destroy it on contact.  The treatment will provide immediate pain relief and once the virus has been destroyed so has the possibility for it to spread.  If the patient catches the early signs that a cold store is developing his dentist can use laser therapy to prevent it from erupting.  A sudden tingly feeling on the lip or around the mouth may signal the onset.
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