Studies have been made, polls have been taken and the results are in. Dentists do agree that an electric toothbrush will give their patients better results than a manual one can.  

The rotating bristles and the contemporary designs allows the brush head to get in between the teeth and make it easier to reach the harder to get to back molars.   On top of that, electric toothbrushes offer specific benefits for patients who have particular needs such as sensitivity or a high risk for gum disease.

Dental professionals were not the only ones who were consulted.  A lot of the comparisons came from patient input.  Test subjects were asked to switch out their old brushes for electric models to see if there would be a significant improvement in oral health after so long a time.  Comparisons showed that an electric toothbrush can actually clean more efficiently than a manual one when used for the same amount of time. ( dentists recommend brushing for two minutes at least two times a day.)

The brush does the work.  An electric toothbrush removes the risk of brushing too hard which can be tough on tooth enamel and sensitive gum tissue. The user has only to hold the brush in place and let the soft bristles do their job.

Whichever type of toothbrush you prefer to use you should never neglect to keep up with regular professional exams and cleanings.  Call 720-851-7069 for your next appointment with Stonegate Dental Care in Parker

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