You may be all grown up but you are still at risk for cavities – tooth decay does not discriminate. Some of us are at even higher risk than others. So how can you tell if you are more susceptible? There are some discernible factors.

Daily brushing and flossing is necessary if we want to be successful in removing the plaque that is the main cause of tooth decay. You can’t get through a typical day without developing some level of plaque. It forms when the sugars and starches from the food that you eat combines with cavity causing bacteria to create a clear, sticky substance. Plaque is not usually visible to the naked eye but if you can actually see it on your teeth you are probably more vulnerable than most.

The back teeth are the ones that do most of the serious chewing and tearing and they are made for it. Their rough surfaces however, make them prime targets for food particles, yet they are the hardest to keep clean. Concentrate your efforts to make sure that your molars get the special attention that they need. Dental sealants can be a source of added protection when your dentist evaluates the need.

Home preventive care along with professional cleanings at regular intervals are important strides in the effort to prevent tooth decay. Speak to the professionals at Stonegate Dental Care about the additional steps that you can take. Call 720-851-7069 today.

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