What are some of the factors that could put some people at higher risk than others for oral disease? If you had more than your share of cavities in your childhood years the tendency will more than likely carry over into adulthood. It may simply be a matter of genetics in your case.

Lifestyle is another consideration. The more sugar you consume, for instance, the more at risk you will become. Harmful oral bacteria feed on the sugars from the foods that you eat and produces the acid that deteriorates your tooth enamel. Poor dietary habits contribute to your risk for oral disease.

Receding gums expose the under layers of your teeth leaving them open to infection and decay. If you notice an increased sensitivity to cold or hot foods or drinks, consult with your dentist, you may be experiencing early symptoms of gum disease.

Probably the most obvious of all things that could put you at high risk for oral disease is the lack of home and professional dental care. You should be brushing your teeth twice a day for a full two minutes at a time and flossing after meals and snacks. If it’s been awhile since you’ve seen a dentist, get back on track asap.

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