The average dental patient, one who goes in for timely checkups and practices good oral hygiene habits at home can expect to have a regular dental cleaning otherwise known as a prophylaxis, as a part of that scheduled exam.

During the procedure, your dental hygienist will use her tools to remove any plaque or tartar that has collected on your teeth since your last cleaning, floss between each tooth and finish off by polishing them with a pleasantly flavored (your choice) gel or paste. Although this is clearly the type of cleaning that most patients are familiar with, those of us who suffer from an intermediate stage of gum disease will need an alternative method.

A periodontal scaling and root planing, aka a deep cleaning, goes a few steps further. In these cases, the hygienist will go under the gumline to clean out the bacteria that has collected in the spaces left as a result of receding gum tissue which is a prime consequence of periodontitis. The treatment will call for a local anesthetic but can be done over two or more appointments.

For those of you who have some catching up to do as far as regular professional care is concerned your new dentist may do what is known as an debridement to remove heavy plaque and tartar buildup so that he can get a clearer picture of your overall dental health.

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