Have you ever wondered why your doctor may ask you to stick out your tongue as part of a routine examination? A coating of white on your tongue tells your doctor, or dentist, that a collection of bacteria and dead cells have accumulated there. A coated tongue can be the result of dry mouth, dehydration or fever but one of the most common causes is a lack of proper dental hygiene.

In order to prevent debris and bacteria from forming a coating over your tongue, you have to keep it clean. It’ not enough to just swipe it a couple of times after you brush, you have to pay as much attention to your tongue as you do your teeth as a regular part of your home care regimen. Dentists advise that you use a separate toothbrush to clean your tongue. There is an over the market product, a tongue scraper, that is made especially for the purpose. Spreading toothpaste over the tongue before scraping can help kill bacteria and an occasional antibacterial rinse can help to eliminate any bad breath that may remain after scraping.

If you brush your teeth every day, twice a day but you don’t give much thought to your tongue you may be fighting a losing battle since the bacteria left on your tongue will transfer back onto your teeth.

Being diligent about home care along with having regular professional cleanings will help in maintaining a clean and healthy mouth. Make your appointment with Stonegate Dental Care today, call 720-851-7069.

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